Flinders University Secular Society supports Kasese Humanist Primary School. This is a secular school which offers nursery and primary education to young people aged between 4 and 13 in the communities around Kasese municipality, western Uganda.

So far, Flinders University Secular Society has donated $476.30 to Kasese School.


The education offered is free from dogma and indoctrination. It is the first school of its kind in the district and in Uganda to be set up based on humanist values and ethics, offering basic subjects as stipulated by the Uganda Primary School Curriculum, and in addition, humanism lessons are also conducted. In all subjects taught at school, emphasis is put on the application of a scientific approach and critical thinking. The school encourages pupils to be rational, innovative, creative, skilled, compassionate and tolerant.

The Objectives of the Kasese Humanist School are:

  • To give the children basic primary education.
  • To give the pupils a secular way of looking at things based on application of scientific principles and humanist values. No form of indoctrination is undertaken at the school – there is a strong emphasis on critical thinking so that pupils can rationally assess evidence and differing points of view on any topic.
  • To promote children to the strong love of being practical and taking full love in science based subjects at an early age such that they are in position to understand the nature around them.
  • To provide employment opportunities to people in Kasese in an effort to curb the high rate of unemployment prevalent in their communities.

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